MAD GOAT: Stand-up Antwerp met Nigel Williams (UK), Dana Alexander (CAN), Serine Ayari (BE)



A fan’s favourite for all English comedylovers in Antwerp. Host of the evening, Nigel Williams, invites Dana Alexander and Serina Ayari to the stage.

Nigel Williams (UK)
Nigel is the undisputed godfather of stand-up comedy in Belgium. He won Humo’s Comedy Cup in 2000 and has been storming the Belgian stages ever since. With a keen eye on current affairs, he spares no one as he takes down new ideals, hypocrite behaviour and sacred cows.

Dana Alexander (CAN)
Originally from Canada, and undoubtedly one of the funniest and outspoken women there. Dana tackles everything. With a free and worldly view she discusses absolutely everything: from family to sex and culture. Her distinct ability to make us see the craziness in our day to day lives, makes her a beloved voice for audiences across the globe.
“Like a gift from the comedy gods” The Herald

Serine Ayari (BE and performing in ENG)
Serina comedy career took off big-time last year. She was one of the discoveries during ‘Level Up’ in the Bourla Theatre, opened for the American comedian Andrew Schulz in Amsterdam and was one of the ‘New Talents of Gotham Comedy Club’ in New York. A stellar debut, that’s what we call it.


  • € 15

English-spoken line-up “Stand-up Antwerp” during Mad Goat International Comedy Festival that perfectly captures the authentic vibe of Nigel Williams’ cosy comedy-cellar in De Studio.

A ticket for the show is € 15. Tickets are also available in the form of day – or weekendpasses from €28,00 (incl. fees). More info through:

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